Measuring Stage

Artificial grass is a great means to have a natural looking grass bed without the hassle and maintenance issues of the natural grass. To choose the perfect means to install an artificial grass bed, a homeowner or client should approach a company that has the required experience and expertise of handling the task specified, Our company specializes in the installation and repair of artificial grass carpets, with years of experience and highly trained technician we possess the required skill to handle any kind of artificial grass installation task.
TO begin the process of installation, it is important to properly carry out the measurements of the total area that would be covered with grass. After the measurement, the technician would remove the natural grass layer and install any required drainage system under the artificial grass bed. After the initial preparation of the ground is completed the technician would then move on to the subsequent task of installing the artificial grass bed.

Gravel Base

Several consumers are interested in understanding how artificial grass works and how to Install Artificial grass. The following process outlines the basic procedure of installing artificial grass after the initial preparation and measurement of the ground that is intended to be covered. This part is very important in establishing a good base for the artificial grass carpet and would eventually decide the look and quality of the completed product.
Initially the technician installing the patch of artificial grass would use treated stakes made out of timber to provide a base, which then would be filled with crushed stones, sharp gravel and sand in order to provide a good height to the grass carpet in case of rain or water accumulation. This base would then be leveled using a rake and would further be compacted with Vibrating plates that can be rented from any equipment shop. After this procedure is completed there would be a clean and even surface for the artificial grass layer. The technician would also add a weed layer that would ensure that weed and other such unwanted growth don’t get a chance to take root under the artificial grass layer.

Adhesive And Layering

After the ground is prepared with all the gravel, sharp sand and rocks the technician would then spread the equal portions of Artificial grass over the measured area and then apply commercial standard adhesive to ensure that the layers remain firmly joined together, once the adhesive is applied in the desired area, it should be given some time to activate and bond the two layers together for strength and endurance.


To give the artificial grass carpet an even look, the technician would then add silica sand to make the surface even, the silica sand is not supposed to visible and should add to the natural look of the grass and should add a smoothness to the entire surface. It is also necessary to rub the tufts of the artificial grass to stay upright and give a natural green look. Finally, after all these procedures are completed the house owner would be left with a beautiful green area in front of their residence.


Video On How To Install Artificial Grass