With the developing technology, organizations around the world are creating products that are easier to replicate and require very little maintenance. Similarly in recent years the use of artificial grass carpets has increased around the world. Artificial grass is commonly used in sports arenas, swimming pools, tennis courts, and at several other commercial and governmental buildings.

Uses Of Grass Carpets In Sports

Artificial grass is far easier to maintain and results in substantial costs savings over its life. Different sports that require a grassy field like Baseball, Tennis and Football have switched to the Artificial Grass Carpets called turfs. Previously in these sports the ground used to have very hard surface that increased the chances of injury for the player, but in 1996 a Houston’s stadium elected to go for soft artificial carpets that substantially improved the quality of the game. Artificial grass is also very easy to maintain, it does not require a gardener to cut and is very easy to clean and maintain. Grass carpets also provide a consistency in the game, natural grass tends to require a lot of work in order to maintain a certain length and strength but despite these measures the grass can be larger at some parts and shorter at other parts resulting in unfair advantage or hurdle for the players. While the grass carpets tend to be more consistent and have a blanket length that is difficult to replicate for other kinds of grounds.

Use Of Grass Carpets In Landscaping

In addition to sports, grass carpets have also become very popular with the landscapers. They are easier to maintain and provide a stunning look for the houses and offices. Artificial grass carpets are most commonly used for residential lawns, offices, gardens and swimming pools. Due to its cheaper cost and easy installation process these artificial carpets are becoming increasingly common and widely used around the world. Natural grass tends to require a lot of work and are also prone to attracting bugs and different insects while the artificial grass carpets require lesser water and do not attract any kind of pesticide. When it comes to strength Artificial Grass carpets can withstand harsher conditions as compared to natural grass to their inbuilt strength.

Environmental Aspects

Useable water is becoming very scarce throughout the globe, therefore it has become very important to conserve water and choose products that are environmental friendly. Natural grass requires a lot of water in order to sustain themselves while the artificial grass, on the other hand, has the same look and utility without requiring excessive water and maintenance. In addition to requiring very little water, artificial grass carpets maintain their fresh and green look throughout the year while the natural grass tends to deteriorate and loose its natural flow and beauty. Over past several years, all of these factors have contributed to the increased shift in the consumers towards the artificial grass carpets in order to maintain and add a garden to their houses and offices. In terms of cost and utility, artificial grass carpet is unmatched by any other alternative product in the market.