There are not many professional football fields that are covered in real grass.  Rather, pros have chosen to use artificial grass because it is more practical and requires very little aesthetic attention. The last few years have seen a rising trend for the colored artificial grass field.

Football fans are some of the most dedicated fans across the world. They love to support their favorite team and they love to show up for all the games. However, the fans are also enthusiastic on showing their team colors. This has been evident by more and more professional football fields displaying their team colors with colored artificial grass.

Easier Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons for a major school or college to choose artificial grass for their sports football stadium complexes. Field maintenance requires very little time or money.  Mowing and watering are no longer a worry. There is also no need to be concerned about pests.The team players can use the artificial turf under conditions that would not be possible with real grass. Water flows freely through the turf and players don’t have to wait for it to dry. The artificial surface is even, allowing players to play with fewer injuries.

Popular Trend In The Sports Arena

With this growing trend, colored artificial grass field is becoming very popular with both the players and the sports fans. The field can be constructed to show school colors and even the school logo. Green is slowly fading away and the brilliant colors of the rainbow are showing up on fields across the world.

  • The Bronco Stadium, located Idaho, is covered in brilliant sky blue artificial grass. Theyutilize brilliant pops of orange in the end zones, making it one of the brightest fields in the US. Fans are comfortable in the stadium seats watching their team perform on a field that closely resembles the color of the sky.
  • The Cougar Stadium in Texas has gained attention by installing scarlet red turf to their football field. Black makes a statement in the end zones and to display their team logo. There are reports that this is the first high school that has chosen the colored artificial grass field.
  • Orange and white is the theme for the Knoxville campus of the University of Tennessee. The college has fashioned a colored patchwork of artificial turf while the fans paint the stadium seats with orange and white clothing. Tennessee is one of the colleges that have chosen a colored artificial grass field pattern instead of going with just one color. Any visiting team may see double at first, but Tennessee proudly displays their colors.

The colored artificial grass field has quickly taken over the popularity of the once green artificial grass fields. Since it is custom made, it can be completed in any color, shade, or color combination. Schools across the globe have started to use colored artificial grass to display their colors. The players who are playing at home have the advantage because they get to practice on their own colors. Colored artificial grass fields seem to be the wave of the future.

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