Everybody loves the look and feel of a neatly manicured, green lawn. This is especially true for those who live in a climate that allows healthy lawn growth. But the problem there is this; a neatly manicured lawn takes a lot of work. It takes watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing. Once you have completed all of that your day is shot and you are ready for bed. But those who have artificial grass turf get to sit back and enjoy their lawn, without all of the hassle.

Choice of residential owners

No longer is artificial grass limited to industrial use. Industry improvements have brought the turf into the 21st century by making it look like real grass with a soft feel that is pleasing to walk on. More and more residential areas are choosing to use artificial grass as a way of providing stress free beauty. Today’s choice, most residents prefer to install artificial grass turf for their entire yard as the cost of installing are now relatively cheap and could be installed within 2 to 3 days and with almost no maintenance cost except the occasional monthly hosing it with  water or using the blower to get rid of debris and leaves.

Low Maintenance

With little maintenance and once installed, there is very little for you to do except enjoy the beauty and the looks it creates for your surroundings. And with little or no maintenance, you save lots of money and time on water, fertilize and weeding out the weeds or mowing the grass that natural grass requires.

Weather Resistant

Once we live in a hot and humid environment, maintain a natural grass lawn is a full time effort that might require daily maintenance which most people in urban areas can’t effort to do, hence may require a gardener or a part-time help to assist which occurs unnecessary cost that you could do without, unlike artificial grass. During drought seasons, certain areas affected may even have water disruptions, putting limits on water usage, saving their water supply for cooking and drinking. Without water, grass does not stand a chance. Artificial grass turf is good with the hottest weather and can even withstand the heaviest downpour with no impact on its condition or looks.

If you choose to place artificial grass turf on your lawn you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Everybody will wonder what you are doing to keep your lawn looking so lush and pretty.

Comes In Realistic Colors

With improvements to artificial grass, now includes realistic color. If dark green grass is native to your area, you will want to purchase artificial grass that is dark green to match the greens that are native to your area. It really looks like real grass and is soft and pleasing to the touch. Your neighbors will never know that your lawn is artificial unless you tell them.

Durable To High Traffic

For those who love to entertain friends and family outside, artificial grass turf is a great solution to having a manicured lawn. You can have as many people over as you want and you won’t have to worry about the increased traffic on your lawn. Artificial grass turf is durable enough to stand up to high traffic. Your guests will admire your picture perfect lawn with envy.

Drains Water By Itself

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain you will be pleased to know that artificial grass turf drains very well. There will be no standing water and the turf dries very quickly. After a rainfall you will be able to enjoy your beautiful lawn without worrying about mud or grime.

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