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Artificial or synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular in residential homes as well as sports grounds, due to its strength and lower maintenance costs. Artificial Grass carpets used in Sport’s venues are called artificial turf. Artificial grass is very resilient and does not require any irrigation, it can also withstand heavy use for a long period of time. Several indoor stadiums and gardens around the world prefer artificial grass due to lack of sunlight in the stadiums and offices. There are several different products currently being used commercially as well as residentially such as Artificial grass tiles, plants and grass balls.

Residential Uses

The artificial grass was first used in sporting grounds but was later adopted for home use as well due to its lesser maintenance cost. There are several different applications of artificial grass in residential homes. Individual homeowners around the world spend thousands of dollar over the decoration and looks of their homes by using different products and items, Artificial grass can be used as an alternative to natural grass in gardens and other areas of the house to give it a fresh, natural and green look. Artificial grass can be used in different creative ways to create unique looking garden and spaces in the house, due to the immense flexibility of artificial grass it can easily be altered, molded or given unique shapes in order to decorate the house. Currently Artificial Grass Balls and small patches of artificial grass called Artificial grass tiles are commonly used to add to the flow and aesthetic appeal of the homes. Artificial grass tiles can be used in conjecture with rock-based or other materials, in order to create unique looking designs. Landscapers and interior decorators prefer to use artificial grass-based products due to their consistency and easy to apply and customization options.
In dry areas around the world artificial can be used as an alternative to natural grass due to its synthetic features. Homeowners would not have to worry about the maintenance costs that are usually incurred in case of natural grass or other alternative products. Small patches of artificial grass combined with other synthetic and natural materials can create stunning gardens and decorative spaces in the homes that would be impossible to create with natural grass. Artificial grass also provides a cleaner alternative in addition to being aesthetically pleasing and natural looking, it does not require the hassle of mowing, sanding or weeding of the garden in order to maintain a healthy and fresh looking garden.

Cost VS Benefits

There is a large misconception amongst the consumers that artificial grass costs substantially more as compared to natural grass but the reality is far different to it. Artificial grass may cost more initially but over the long run due to reduced maintenance cost and better endurance results in far lesser cost compared to natural grass. Artificial grass is like an investment, where the money is invested initially to reap benefits in the future. Therefore, it is far more beneficial to use artificial grass as compared to alternative products.

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