artificial grass for lawns

For years the only place you have seen artificial grass has been on the football field. It was primarily used inside indoor domes where it would be virtually impossible to get grass to grow. The artificial grass was a great option for the football field because it was durable and able to withstand the abuse, and it gave the look of real grass, especially to those who were sitting in the stands. But today, with much improvement, you can have artificial grass lawns that look real and provide you with year-round beauty.

Residential sales have dramatically increased since the artificial grass industry has made some much needed improvements to their artificial grass products. Now homeowners can install a full lawn with artificial grass, or they can choose to just use artificial grass in the trouble areas where natural grass will not grow. Recent improvements include artificial grass that comes in varying heights to provide a natural look and cater to the type of surroundings it best suits.

Realistic Looking And Durable

Artificial grass lawns are quickly becoming the lawn of choice because they are so realistic looking and durable. These artificial turfs can be used to fill in under trees, alongside the driveway, in a courtyard, or even to decorate around the family swimming pool.

Comes In Variety Of Heights And Color

Artificial grass is usually made from polyethylene, which is a form of plastic. It is made on a machine that combines the fibers with the natural colors found in nature to provide a realistic look. The length of the grass blades is completely up to the purchaser as it comes with a variety of heights, looks and color. Some people like a taller grass while others prefer keeping their grass at about 1 ¾ inches high. The turf is made on rolls and is easily installed, much like sod, and can be cut to fit any area.

Low Maintenance Cost

Once installed, all you have to do is enjoy the beauty of your lawn. There is no mowing, watering, or fertilizing. You may have to use a hose or rake to remove debris, but that is all. People who have pets can use a special cleaning solution that eliminates outdoor bacteria, but this only has to be used about one a month if required.

There are very few negatives options when considering using artificial grass for lawns. The material does tend to get a little bit hotter in direct sunlight, but the difference is minimal. For people who are wearing shoes, this does not pose a problem, but you might want to decline from letting out your pets in the hottest part of the day.

Just imagine being the envy of your neighborhood when you install your artificial grass lawn. You will be outside relaxing on a beautiful day while your neighbors are outside mowing the lawns. Even the cost of water bills that they are required to pay for their natural grass don’t seemed worthwhile in the long run. Even if it rains, you have no worries of pools of water accumulating or finding grime and mud on our shoes as they are designed to naturally drain excess water. Never will there be a problem of standing water because the water will immediately drain right through.You can spend your days whether rainy or sunny enjoying with your family and friends on your beautiful maintenance free lawn.

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