artificial grass for landscaping

We look forward to a beautiful day outdoors, but we don’t look forward to having to mow our lawn and weeding our gardens. There are plenty of better things we did rather be doing with our time while the weather is pretty. Artificial grass for your landscaping allows us to enjoy our weekends without sacrificing our time.

Improvements in artificial grass over the last 10 years have made artificial grass  one of the leading options most recreations, homeowners, developers and even corporate buildings choose as the option to landscape their surroundings instead of natural grass. Where it was once used only on sports fields, it now has many domestic uses, including landscaping around your own home.

Artificial grass have seen vast improvements in recent years with manufacturers having new technology and material in discovering ways to make their product more appealing, realistic, durable and most importantly, low maintenance. For instance, previously, all artificial grass, or turf was the same height and the same color. Nowadays, you will find different heights, looks and color variations within one block of the turf. This helps provide a realistic and natural look, since nature rarely makes any two things the same size and height.

Low Maintenance

Using artificial grass for your landscaping allows you to maintain a beautiful, consistent landscape that requires very little maintenance.  Much like “set and leave it policy” that never changes over the years. Once put in place, artificial grass requires no watering, no fertilizing, and no pest control. You may find the occasional leaf or debris, but those are easily removed with a simple blower, much like the one you use to blow off your driveway.

Pet Friendly

If you have pets, you don’t have to worry as these synthetic grass are completely pet friendly. Even if your pet were to “poop” on your artificial grass, the ammonia in their urine will also not cause yellow spots or bare patches. All you have to do is rinse the area with a water hose and there will be no smell left behind, looking just as natural as before with no damaged stains.

Great Addition To Heavy Traffic Areas

You should carefully consider how you want your landscape to look. Artificial grass landscaping can be a great addition to areas of heavy traffic. If you have an outdoor spot where you like to relax or entertain, artificial grass is a great option. It is comfortable to walk on, looks realistic, and will hold up under the heavy traffic of the family. Artificial grass even makes a great addition to your pool if you have one. It can be applied around the perimeter of the pool for a lush green look that stays beautiful all year round.

Use In Flower Beds

Artificial grass landscaping can also be used in flower beds to replace mulch. Instead of laying down landscaping material to block the growth of grass and weeds, simply use artificial grass to fill in around your flowers and ornamental plants. You can apply the artificial grass to the area of your choice, and then make small slits that will allow you to plant flowers. Be careful to not make the slits too big so as to keep out the unwanted weeds. The artificial grass will allow water to drain through and keep your plants watered, while at the same time holding in the moisture and preventing dryness.


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