artificial grass for tennis court

Tennis is a popular sports and an enjoyable way to keep in shape. The standard size for tennis courts is 60’ x 120’ and there are several ways to surface the court once completed. Some areas prefer blacktop, which provides a hard finish that is easy to bounce a tennis ball on. Others prefer concrete, which is not practical because it cracks easily. Neither of these provides comfort for your feet and back. Artificial grass for tennis courts is becoming a popular surface of choice.

Durable With Little Maintenance

Artificial grasses for tennis courts have an advantage over courts that utilize real grass. With new and improved artificial turf, the court can become one that looks as well as it feels great. They require very little maintenance and have proven to be very durable, even on courts that are used daily.

Variety Of Uses

This new and improved artificial grass can be used in a variety of ways and can cover a wide variety of surfaces. Perhaps you already have a tennis court that is covered in asphalt, but the asphalt is cracking with wear and is no longer a safe surface to play on. By covering the asphalt with artificial grass, you can refurbish your court without having to spend a lot of money.

Before choosing a surface for your tennis court, you should take into consideration several factors.

  • -How often will the court be used?
  • -How much time are you willing to spend maintaining the surface?
  • -What is the average age of the court’s user?
  • -Will the court be used for something other than tennis, such as basketball?

All of these questions need to be considered before applying a court surface. Artificial grass allows the user to gain good traction, it cushions the feet and back, it will hold up in all types of weather, and it drains well during periods of heavy rain. Artificial grass for tennis courts come in different grades and qualities and the use of the court will determine what type of artificial grass is needed to provide you with the best results.

No Glare From The Sun

Unlike concrete or asphalt, artificial grass for tennis courts will not produce glare from the sun. This can be a tremendous benefit to the players. Sand is often used to provide a cushion layer under the artificial grass. This can be adjusted to your liking and can make a big difference in how the balls bounce and the amount of traction you get.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining artificial grass for tennis courts is fairly easy. Blow off the debris and give it the occasional rinse with a water hose and you will be set. Raking once a year will help keep the court looking fresh. You can easily expect to get a minimum of 20 years surface life to artificial grass when it is properly maintained.

Artificial grass used for tennis courts is rapidly becoming the preferred surface of choice for tennis players who want the comfort of a soft surface and the look of a natural grass court.

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