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Imagine a world where your child could go outside and play without getting mud and grass stains on their clothes. Kids with grass allergies could not play outside without having to take allergy medication and not forgetting those pesky insects that comes naturally with real grass. These days, with the convenience of artificial grass and its relative low maintenance, most housing developers are making it a new practice of using artificial grass for their playgrounds instead of real grass.

Durable To Children

These types of playground are great, durable to heavy foot traffic with kids running around, safe and even look great all year round. Even during drought, it stay the same unlike natural grass, with a lack of sufficient water will dry up, turn brown and eventually die off leaving sparse patches of green here and there and leaving more sand patches making the playground unattractive and not safe from the amount of sands in will leave behind. Children falling in these sand patches can easily hurt themselves from the sand gravel which will incur unnecessary medical cost and spoiling a supposedly beautiful day on the playground with your kids.

Suitable For Many Places

While once limited to the sports industry, artificial grass is rapidly becoming a likely choice for domestic and commercial use. Today, vast improvements have been made that allows artificial grass to be used for lawns, gardens, golf courses, and playgrounds. Artificial grass used for playgrounds are now safe and durable and provides a comfortable surface for children to play on. These goes well, looks great regardless of the size of the playground, whether it is a small private ground at your home, your neighborhood or even the district playgrounds. It is also appropriate for childcare facilities and schools where children play often outside. It is very resilient and can withstand the daily trampling of the children. It can be applied over basically any surface such as concrete and asphalt. Water easily drains through it and there are no weeds to worry about.

Smart Investment With Little Maintenance

Choosing artificial grass for playgrounds is a smart investment in many different ways. It provides a soft, cleaner environment for children, and it requires very little maintenance. The children will never notice they are playing on artificial grass and it is much safer for them to play on. They get better traction because the artificial grass can get wet without getting slick. Upkeep requires blowing off with a leaf blower to get rid of debris, and the occasional rinsing off by water to help get rid of dirt and grime. Once a year you will want to take a rake and go over the surface to brush it back into place. This serves to “comb” the grass much like you would comb your hair.

Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

There are no weather worries for artificial grass for playgrounds either. It will withstand the harsh conditions of the tropical weather with heavy rains and massive long droughts. Your children will be safer without all of the pests and you can rest easy that they are playing on a safe and durable surface.

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