Artificial grass for football fields has been around for many years. In fact, the first artificial grass for football was introduced in 1960 when people in Houston, TX installed it at the Astrodome.

In the early years artificial grass for football did not meet all of the requirements. The quality was low and there were several safety issues that arose but over the years, artificial grass industry leaders continued to improve their product and make it preferable for the game of football.

Why Artificial Grass Is A Preferred Choice For Football Field?

Resilient To Extreme Conditions

Today, artificial grass is made resilient to extreme conditions of the climate and can even be used on steep areas. The costs of maintaining the field are kept at a very least  and players can play on the facade much longer than they ever could on real grass.

Durable All Year Round

Not every place enjoys a perfect climate throughout the year. Many areas are hot and dry, while others are humid and wet. Real grass is hard to survive in winter weather which involves snow and ice. The sport of football, however, is often played in these weather extremes.

Real grass needs plenty of sunlight for it to grow. Sunlight is scarce in the winter months so artificial grass for football is absolutely the best option. It doesn’t matter what type of weather you are having, these type of grass is always ready for high traffic from the players.

Comfortable And Safe

The new artificial grass for football fields offers a steady surface that remains stable. Players get accustomed to playing on artificial grass and they don’t ever want to go back to the uncertainty of real grass. They find that artificial grass provide them a cushioned playing field that is much more comfortable and safer at the same time.

Easier To Maintain

Maintaining artificial grass for football fields is much easier to handle. Real grass frequently gets torn up and has to be planted again. Football cleats cause damage to the surface and players are at risk. With artificial grass, the team can focus on the game and not have to worry about causing damage to the field. The field can either be raked or rinsed once the game is over and it will be just as good as it was the first time it was used.

Help Improve Performance Of Players

Today there are many high school football teams that are taking advantage of artificial grass for football. High schools are learning that artificial grass can help improve their player’s game and prepare them for the future if they decide to seek out the professional team.


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