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The artificial grass was first introduced in 1960 in sports ground but since then the artificial grass has become immensely popular and taken different forms in commercial as well as the residential sector. Artificial grass is primarily for decoration in case of Residential homes while commercial buildings and sports venues use it for decoration as well as concealing purposes. The main reason for the increasing popularity of artificial grass carpet is mainly due to the easier maintenance and other benefits associated with the artificial grass carpet.

Types And Varieties

Artificial grass has not limited itself to mere carpets and turf that are used in different sports venues but have taken the form of different decorative and high-quality items. Some of the different artificial grass products include artificial grass balls, Artificial Grass tiles and Artificial Grass plants.
All of the products listed above are used for different purposes, artificial grass balls come in different shapes and sizes. They form a very good decorative pieces that can be used in different parts of the garden, house or commercial areas to give it a different texture and feel. While in the commercial buildings the artificial grass balls can be used to add a freshness to the environment. Natural grass is difficult to grow indoors and places that see very little sun throughout the day, in those locations it is far easier to choose artificial grass.


With Increased variations comes increased flexibility, consumers have thousands of different products that they can choose from in order to properly decorate their house. Artificial can also be an environmental friendly due to lesser consumption of water and reduced secretion of toxins and other pesticides in the air. Synthetic grass also discourages the growth of weed and pests that could result in avoidance of allergies and other related illnesses.
Natural grass is very soft and requires immense care in order to sustain, while artificial grass is more durable and has better capability of withstanding the harsher environments requiring very little maintenance. Due to its resilience and consistency users don’t have to purchase expensive equipment such as Lawnmowers, rakes, and other gardening tools that further results in substantial costs savings.

The aesthetic look of the Artificial is also far better than the natural grass, natural grass is subjected to the seasonal variation, diseases and other various factors that affect the look and freshness of the grass. Artificial grass is not limited to these aspects, it can remain green and lush for a long time without added maintenance, making it a great option to install at home if homeowners want to continue to enjoy a green grass bed.
Artificial grass also avoids any kind of puddles and wet soil issues in the case of rain. Natural grass molds or changes its shape and formation depending on the weather and outdoor conditions, but synthetic grass can wear these conditions far better. Initially, artificial grass may be expensive to install but, in the long run, all of above aspects combine to make it a more aesthetically pleasing and cost effective product.

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