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In search of high quality artificial grass that helps tranform your dream home and garden?

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Artificialgrassinstallermalaysia.com offer a range of products that are available for home, commercial, schools and commercial facilities. Whether you are looking to transform your front garden, backyard lawn or commercial premises, we are your best choice.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is also known as in layman’s term as fake grass. It is a surface of synthetic fibers that resembles natural grass and is gaining popularity especially in parts of the world with dry climates and lack of water.

Why choose artificial grass flooring?

Artificial grass flooring placed over the top of the concrete will instantly give you a beautiful area that is lush and green. It is no longer used for sports purposes and now are even popular in residential areas due to its durability and maintenance free.

Maintaining your artificial grass?

When we say that artificial grass requires low maintenance, it is important that owners do not take the term “low maintenance” to mean “zero maintenance.” A few simple steps to help you maintain your artificial grass lawn are as follows:

Why Choose Us

  • We only provide high quality Artificial Grass products from certified suppliers.
  • Aside from the products, we also offer installation and renovation services (state in our contact form which part of Malaysia you are).
  • We also have Artificial Grass, adhesives and other tools which we deliver along with your Artificial Grass of your choice right to your doorstep.
  • Our staff are highly experienced in terms of installation, repair and renovation and your satisfaction is our priority.